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Company Description

Qinghai Huading Heavy-duty Machine ToolCo., Ltd. is the core subsidiary company of Qinghai Huading Industries Co., Ltd.which is the only machinery industry listed company in Qinghai province. It isalso one of the key and major enterprises in the national machinery industryand one of the main manufacturing enterprises of the heavy-duty machine tools,as well as one of the high-new technology enterprises in Qinghaiprovince and China’s first re-contract and trustworthy enterprises, it is alsothe only company in Qinghai province which is one of the national fiftymechanical industry modernization management enterprises. The company has beenthe top 500 China Machinery Industry since 2007. It was awarded the honorarytitles such as the “National May 1st Labor Certificate”,”National MachineryIndustry Advanced Group”,”Advanced Enterprises in Qinghai Province”, etc.“QINGZHONG” has awarded as the China Famous Brand by State Administration ofIndustry and Commerce in 2012.

The company covers an area of 400,000square meters, including 250,000 square meters for production. The company has about670 equipment, of which there are about 320 equipment for metal cutting. Thecompany currently employs 920 people, including about 120 engineering andtechnical staffs, and about 80 administrative staffs. The company registeredcapital is about 116,000,000 Chinese Yuan. So far, the company has total assetsof 686,000,000 Chinese Yuan, and the net assets of 330,000,000 Chinese Yuan.

The products in the company includethe following series: Railway special-purpose machine tools, roll turninglathe, heavy-duty horizontal lathe, centerless lathe as well as other specialmachinery products, etc. At present, the domestic market average share has occupiedabove 70%, of which the railway machine tool, roll turning lathe and heavy-dutyhorizontal lathe is separately about 90%, 80% and 70%. The output NC rate hasexceeded above 60%. Some of the products find a good sale in more than 30countries and regions such as Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia etc. The companyalso provides the overhaul and maintenance service for the machine tools.

Up to the present, the company hasdeveloped for more than 230 machine products of multi-specifications, andmainly relied on the CNC and high-precision heavy-duty machine tools.

In recent years, there are 14 CNCmachine products has awarded the honorary titles such as the National High-newTechnology Products and State Key New Products. Also there are 13 CNC machineproducts has awarded the Second and Third Prize for Provincial Scientific-TechnicalProgress, the company has obtained 10 patents.

The company has a strong technicalstrength as well as an independent designing and manufacturing capability forthe CNC, mechanical& electrical integration high-new technology products, ithas the high-level machining and detecting procedures compared to the samedomestic industry. The company has first passed the ISO9000 Quality ManagementSystem Certification in 1999, and it becomes the National Customer SatisfactionEnterprise, the Re-contract and Trustworthy Enterprise,as well as the credit rating level of AAA enterprise issued by China MachineryEnterprise Management Association.

The company pays attention tobusiness management, lays emphasis on cultural development as well as givesprominence to talent cultivation. It has a strict management system and perfectperformance assessment, it possesses a relativelycomplete corporate governance and market operational mechanism, as well aslabor employment and remuneration distribution mechanisms. Each managementshall be normalized and standardized. Thecompany operational mechanism totally meets the market competition requirements.The company cultural development shall be for the theme of “VALUE GOALCONGRUENCE AND NEVER GIVE UP”, and lays stress on the renewal of operationphilosophy, construction of harmonious environment, as well as the admirationof dedication, in order to guarantee the constant reinforcement of the enterprisecohesiveness.

The company actively opens up markets aswell as expands product service scope. Over the years, the company has exploitedthe national key developing industries and fields while on the basis ofstrengthening the original markets, some high-new technology products hasentered into the national large-scale and heavy industry enterprises such as ChinaFirst/Second Heavy Industries, Taiyuan HeavyMachinery Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant Co., Ltd., DHI·DCWGroup Co., Ltd., CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., China Aerospace Four Housesthe 43rd Research Institute, SHOUGANG GROUP, Wuhan Iron and Steel Company Limited, ShanghaiHudong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. andHangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., etc. So the company has managed a remarkablebreakthrough in expanding the market.

With the continuous growth of thenational economy and the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry, thecompany will step into the favorable period of continuous development and revitalization.Therefore, the company has determined the next development goals: taking thedevelopment as the subject, as well as the innovation as the power; taking the resourceintegration and structural adjustment as the main line, forms the dualizationproduct framework and achieves the synchronization development of the machine and machineryproducts, as well as greatly improves self-developing and technology innovationcapabilities. Promoting technological advance through scientific innovation;strengthening infrastructure construction through administrative innovation; gatheringstaff passion through cultural construction; ensuring sustainable developmentthrough strategic management. The machine products take the special-purpose,precise, high-efficient, composite and environmental friendly as the startingpoints, vigorously running to the goal of "perfect and strongest". Themachinery products shall meet the market of flexible and diverse requirements,completely makes the company with core competitiveness and improves thecompany’s position to become an equipment manufacturing base with high marketshare, leading industrial position and extensive worldwide influence.